WordPress Import

WordPress Import

If you are starting a new site and would like to import the sample content as seen on the demo site, here are the steps:

  • Go to “WP Admin > Tools > Import”.
  • Click WordPress (if you are prompted to install the importer plugin, do so).
  • Upload the sample-content.gz file (located in the theme folder > sample folder > sample-content.zip file).
  • You will be asked to map a user to the content and import the file attachments. Check “Download and import file attachments” to import the placeholder images.
    • If the content doesn’t seem to import, or stopped half way, try to import again without checking the “Download and import file attachments” checkbox.
  • Now you may edit or delete the content as you like.

Auto Draft
Auto Draft


The images shown on the demo site are not part of the theme package, nor are they included in the sample content. As such, you will see placeholder images for the sample content and, should you wish to, these can be replaced after importing.

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